Built for the Best of Italy festival in 2016, the Monoposto was inspired by the 320S. Jodie Kidd's reveal showed the custom body of the italian super car that hides the 4.2ltr V8. It's custom built wheels from O.Z and the other supplements from Sparco make it a joy to drive. It's part fiberglass and alluminium body contribute to a unique lightweight open top sports car that produces 450hp from it's Ferrari derived engine, in other words, it's pretty lively.

Having been driven by youtube sensations like 'It'sJoel', 'Seen through glass' and multiple racing drivers like Jodie Kidd, up until recently it's been owned by the director of the Best of Italy race event, Enzo Scalzo. With new ownership from JBoss Racing, we hope to bring a new lease of life to the italian stallion.

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The R34 recieved it's claim to fame when it featured multiple times in the Fast and Furious franchise. The Nur made a name for itself when it obtained the fastest lap of a road legal production car around the nurburgring, where it was developed. It took this time from it's predecessor, the R33. The V Spec II had a few upgrades from the stsandard; it gained stiffer suspension, a carbon bonnet with a NACA scoop and an all round reduction in weight. The Nur had all the perks of the Victory Spec as well as the N1 engine for endurance racing equipped with larger turbos with steel inners. Despite an increase in turbo lag, it meant it could withstand more boost pressure. The 2.6ltr straight six twin turbo can be pushed to output over a thousand hp from the standard 330hp (depending on which model).

The one shown above is in ownership of one of our team members and only has around 30,000 miles on the clock and is nearly completely standard. Coated in bayside blue, the jap import has been to fuel fest 2019 where it was hand signed by Cody Walker (the start of the show in the later films and the brother of the worldwide fan favourite Paul Walker).

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Taming the 5.2Ltr V10 from the Lamborghini Gallardo, the S8 produces nearly 500hp (after being detuned 49hp to improve fuel efficiency, as if it could be any worse...) and will break the national speed limit in less than 5 seconds despite the 2.5 tonne load. Carrying 4 pot ceramic brakes and an all aluminium shell, this model is the most luxurious supercar spec car that Audi makes.

Less than 250 in the UK, the D3 variant (2006-2010) is the only model with a V10 which pushes 200mph. Jason Statham and Tim Allen both enjoy it's all leather interior passed around 5 seats with carbon fibre trim making it the practical R8.

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